A blank canvas.
Things have been quite hectic around here. Auditioning for an art direction reality show, producing a documentary for a women’s advertising group, submitting for award shows & freelancing at Razorfish, I’m not entirely sure when I actually do sleep. 

Nonetheless, my energy level never ceases to fail! I’ll be posting work soon but in the meantime, I’m calling on you! I started shaving my head in September which has now segwayed into different designs each week. In order to keep it fresh & exciting I’m asking everyone to suggest new patterns & each week I’ll pick one to shave on the side of my head. I'm excited to see where this project goes, so get creative & get crazy & leave your comments! 

I was basking in my unemployment when I got a text message from a CW at Razorfish. They asked me if I was busy at the moment. At the moment I was sitting on a huge leather couch in the West VIllage at a Glamour photo shoot for my roommate.  

They said they were in need of an AD last minute & would I be willing to come in. The next day. Which happened. I got a call back only a few days later as I was leaving the gym early in the morning. "Can you start later this afternoon?" In shock, I blurted out I had just come from the gym & haven't even showered yet. Luckily, Bill, my boss was amused. He told me to hurry up, shower and come in that afternoon. I've been at Razorfish ever since. 

My first week there, I decided what better way to get to know people than to throw a "Get to know ya" party filled with free cupcakes & finger puppets. I spent the entire night before making close to 100 cupcakes each topped with a finger puppet. The next morning I met all three floors of Razorfish employees, got them to sign my "guest book" and help name our new fish. By the end of the day, even the creative directors were walking around with finger puppets on their fingers.

I like to think I've brought Razorfish a little ray of sunshine with our new mascot fish, George Michael and "Happy Fridays" filled with cupcakes or munchkins. The people here are great, the fish is basking in his lava lamp fish tank & I get to sit next to the ECD of the agency. Life is good.

Continuing with filling you in on the last three months of my life, I wanted to share my graduation from Miami Ad School. Two years of my life that completely changed me for the better. I made this video from hours and hours of footage I accumulated over the past two years. 

Anyone reading this that currently goes to the school, I highly encourage you to keep your cameras on (Thank you Ralph Budd). Two years goes by so quickly and before you know it, it's over. It's nice to look back and see your progress and a journey that takes you around the world & back.
Graduation was nice. My mother & sister came to NYC for the weekend to celebrate. We celebrated with my friends, went to dinner in the city and did a lot of holiday sight-seeing. The weekend came & went and by Monday I was officially unemployed & suffering from "Postpartum Miami Ad School Depression". But little did I know, Razorfish would come calling soon enough....
My Miami Ad School graduation speech & video presentation. December 2011
So I've entered a contest here in NYC for Art Directors.. Here is my submission video.. Thank you to everyone at Razorfish NYC, Leah Gabriel for filming, my slaves Tim Arlestig, Kelly Mahon, Allison Lackey & Jonathan Doucette. Enjoy "Shit Felicia Says"...
You were probably wondering who that little orange guy is in the corner of this header. Well, that's Schnotca. He's my finger puppet that goes everywhere. He was birthed the day I bought my man costume for Rick Englishtown and has been a vital part of the family ever since. His name comes from the two Swedish brothers. Since I always repeat what they say in Swedish, "Schnotca" is a derivative of their Swedish language meaning "brother". Makes absolutely no sense at all, but Schnotca is quite popular here in New York. 

He goes to parties, pops bottles at the club, gives people comfort when getting a tattoo, meets tons of new people & gets passed around at parties. He's brought so much joy to my life that when I did finally get a job here in NYC, I gave everyone a finger puppet at work. Now everyone has their own Schnotca.

Education First (EF) came to all the Miami Ad School's with a brief on their new online English learning website called "Englishtown". They asked us to create a 360 campaign & that's it. We ran wild with the brief, creating a man named Rick Englishtown that promoted their new learning website.

Our group, David & Mike, made it through the first round & then ended up being one of the 3 winners throughout all the schools. We had tons of fun, worked really hard, and I even got to dress up like the spokesman we created. Big thanks to our teacher Mihnea Gheorghiu who helped us through the quarter to make the campaign shine.

Might I add, I look pretty smokin' for a guy!

     After looking high & low in NYC for an apartment, I moved into a 5th story walk up in Chinatown, or as I like to call it: The Lower, Lower East Side. I moved in knowing only my Swedish friend Max from the Miami Ad School Hamburg. But that's not all: John is a makeup artist, Tim is a production assistant, Brian is an accountant, Ryann is a student at FIT & interns for the W, and Maria is a Russian/Cuban model raised in Sweden. Her boyfriend, Al, is now deemed the husband of the entire Chateau.

     At first I kind of hated it. It's a shitty six-room, apartment with no living room & a mouse we've named Peter. But somehow over the course of three months, I told myself it's what you make of it & I've tried not to let it get to me. So I focused on the people of this apartment we've deemed "The Chateau D'Snuggle Dumplings". All six of us have really made this shit hole a home. We decorated for Christmas, have movie dates in the kitchen, dance to Queen & just recently started a project called "The Hunting Season". It's a group of people that would never have met under any other circumstance but somehow we all have a great energy & click. It's nice to come home at night & talk to other people that have other interests than advertising. And now I can't even picture my life without these five awesome people.

We have recently purchased a kiddie pool for the upcoming snow season. The whole Chateau will be sledding in our zebra-themed sled.. and I can't wait to see what we come up with for summer!

"The Game" by Neil Strauss
During my time at Ogilvy, Brazil I learned a little bit more about this book called "The Game". It intrigued me a bit, a book about picking up women. Manipulating them to get what men want. I accepted this challenge. But I think first you must know a little about my dating life... 

From the time I was 16-21 I had the same boyfriend. By the time I hit  22, I had no idea how to talk to guys seeing as my golden years were with the same guy. I never really went on dates before, so I can't quite grasp the whole dating concept. In my opinion it's awkward. From beginning to end. Awkward. In general, I'm a pretty friendly & social person. Put me in a room with anyone and I'll make social magic. But when it comes to dating, something in my brain shuts down whenever I'm around someone I'm interested in. I become more socially inept than a blind three-legged llama. I prefer to get to know guys as friends first, laugh & joke & all that good stuff. Then & only then do I know if I like a guy. So as you can see, I need all the help I can get.

So let's fast forward to September when I got to NYC. My two guy friends, Travis & Morgan, challenged me to get "The Game" and read it. Half joking & half serious, I purchased this book with golden pages & a red cloth book mark. I made a good dent in it, once school started it became my Subway reading material, and now I'm pages away from the end.

I'm about this close (-----) from being a master in picking up women. But in all seriousness, I've been enjoying the book. It has an interesting dynamic about life in general, social cues, how to talk to people, how to work a group in a social environment, etc etc. Will I find a man using all this knowledge in a backwards, reversed-psychology way? I'm not entirely sure but I''ll keep you posted.

It's been awhile but the blog is back! I last left you as Frances & I were leaving our internship at Ogilvy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. "Ogilvy From Our Trundle" was an experience I'll never forget filled with Brazilian advertising, culture & great friends.  

From there, my journey with Frances ended, as she went back to Wisconsin to start her own career in advertising. I, however, still had another quarter to go on my Miami Ad School journey. Too hectic to even keep up with, I decided to take the time now to fill you in on the past 3 months and more importantly, my life after graduating Miami Ad School.

Before I headed back to tackle my last quarter in New York, I decided to overcome one of my biggest fears: cutting my hair.  A lot of people have fears: a fear of the unknown, a fear of change, or a fear of something new. Someone really close to me once said, "The only thing holding you back is fear itself." For the past two years, I've kept that in the back of my head as I traveled to new countries, met new people & exposed myself to new experiences.

Shaving half my head opened the doors for me to take on my last & final quarter at Miami Ad School. And though some people called me crazy, it was the best decision I ever made. I never think twice wether something's a good idea, I jump right in. I never want the fear of anything to hold me back from something that could be so great.

So here starts my new blog: Half Shaved & Half Crazed- Life after Miami Ad School. I don't know what to expect but I'm excited for what's to come. And so it begins....

Frances & I made a short video for The Big Ad Gig this year. The brief was to show a moment in advertising history. Our video is the story of how Art Directors and Copywriters were united and put to work as teams. Bill Bernbach, the B in DDB, was frustrated, had an idea, and made it hatch as they say. Click the link & then "LIKE" the video & see Ellen DeGeneres, a pair of beer guzzling Siamese twins, and Bill Bernbach change advertising history forever.

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